He said she’d never touch the vaxx, then choked down a fast food hamburger and french fries.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Humans have been systematically fed toxic food and water for several decades in America now. The result is a shocking rise in mortality and horrific health problems growing at a rate that outweighs all pandemics of the past century combined. In short, we’ve been suffering through genocide for decades.

Many will argue that it’s our fault and our choice to ingest such toxins. Those who say that don’t understand the level of effort Big Pharma has been putting into this effort. And for those who argue it wasn’t intentional, I think the facts are becoming more clear in light of recent events. They’ve subsidized junk food, created food deserts in urban minority areas, and ensured that healthy food is harder to access.

Take our meat industry, for example.

They will package it up all nice for you. 3 months dead meat covered in slime and puss, run through a meat grinder and sold to you as 80/20 lean beef. Chase it down with some nice cold cow udder pus and potatoes deep fried in soybean oil. It’s so nasty, and yet burgers, fries, and shakes are considered classic American fare.

Seriously, I see people saying they’ll never get vaxxed because they don’t put trash in their body, and then chase down that comment with a bite of Wheaties drenched in milk.

That’s literally the human equivalent of dog food and drenched in so many chemicals it’s likely to kill too.

Why are we doing their work for them? We resist one form of genocidal toxin, and then completely embrace another, like Coca Cola or Pepsi or Bud Light.

I’ve seen people say they’ll never get vaxxed and then get hammered on hard liquor or eat chili dogs.

What’s the difference? Why do most wealthy people (not all but most) look better than average Americans? 1) plastic surgery, and 2) they know better than to eat toxic shit, and 3) they can afford to buy good, clean, organic food like grass fed beef and organic veggies.

They want to eat the good, pure clean food while handing you a shit sandwich, just like in Soylent Green.

We’re literally evolving into two separate types of humans, the first is healthy, slim, beautiful and long lived. The second is fat, sickly, and likely to die in their 40s and 50s from heart disease.

And the Standard American Diet, AKA, the death diet, is embraced so heartily by conservatives that it has risen to a level of cultism that rivals the Covid Vaxx Nazi Karen Army. Seriously, let a person admit they’re a whole foods vegan at a conservative political event and see what happens. YOU DON’T EAT MEAT and BEER??? GTFO YOU LIBTARD!!!

As if I’m obligated to eat the rat poison they serve to us in order to be considered a conservative.

So, on one side we have the raging liberal hippies who eat healthy, clean diets rushing toward the clot shot and all the boosters, and on the other side we have the vaccine resisting conservatives running to the steak buffet.

Either way, the end result is the same. We all die, and the eugenicist, genocidal maniacs inherit the earth.

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