We are at the greatest moment in our history

A brave doctor and Mom in Australia wrote this intense, and very inspiring letter to her medical board. In this letter, she decries their complacency with forced experimentation on children, crimes against humanity, and blatant profiteering in the place of science.

Now, many of us are probably thinking, “well, she had enough money to quit. I can’t aford to do that.” The rest of the world is just looking their kids in the eye and wondering how they’re going to feed them.

But this brave woman made a sacrifice that is difficult to imagine. She quit her medical career 20 years early, maybe never to return. Years of blood, sweat and tears to earn her position in the world, and now she can’t practice her art. She gave up 20 years of a doctor’s salary and a large part of her identity because she understands what we’re all beginning to see…that we’re in a fight for our very survival against a system that wants to crush us and everyone we ever loved to death.

I just listened to Alex Jones say it. He said, they’re going to kill us anyway. The only choice we have left is to fight.

I hear you sir, but I believe you’re playing into their hands.

You see, they really, really, really want their war. But we won’t win that way. The only way we win is if we preserve and keep our Constitution, and keep the peace long enough to ENFORCE IT.

If we fall into chaos now, right when we have them by the nuts, then the criminals will get away in the fog of war.

And we DO have them by the nuts…LOOK at the Ghislaine trial. We’re WINNING. If we fall into chaos now, most of them will get away with their crimes.

So yeah, we need doctors to withdraw from the AMA like this brave mother did just now. And we need to demand a new regulatory agency, or NONE at all, because this current one is doing more harm than good.

We could enforce this plan by only patronizing doctors that disavow the current system. Yes, that means we’ll have to pay cash, but this will also help to reset medical prices to reasonable levels.

Lawyers in states which refuse to enforce their constitution need to demand that their state bars uphold it, or demand that they disband as well.

Unions that mandate the vaxx for their employees need to end if they’re enforcing fines on humans to coerce medical experimentation. That’s straight-up Nazi and it’s criminal. Employees must refuse to pay their dues, and instead of walking off their jobs, they need to SUE and prosecute if possible, the union members who are violating human rights in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

We need to put the Nuremberg Code into our actual laws.

We need to hit the bureaucrats that keep the wheels of this great monstrous machine turning with lawsuits and non-compliance till they break. We need to throw our shoes up into the cogs and sabotage the gears of this soulless beast in any way we can.

We need to lead our own small fights, each of us, in every way possible. Sue grocers with vaxx mandates for violation of human rights! After all, denying food to enforce unwanted medical experimentation is EXACTLY what the Nazis did and what led to the Nuremberg Code in the first place.

So, let’s just march in front of their stores and let people know that those who would use their position in society to force unwanted experiments on others are monsters. Let’s shame those who cross the picket line out of a false sense of necessity.

They don’t know what real necessity is yet. And we’ll all experience it first hand if we don’t dismantle the control grid before it snaps into place.

We can give the Beast System the death it deserves–sliced to ribbons by a billion tiny cuts.

This is literally the greatest moment in history where we all, INDIVIDUALLY, have more power to make a change than any other time in history. We won’t do this by descending into the fog of war…

We’ll do it by dismantling the Beast, one piece at a time, once and for all.

We’ll do it with strength and resolve like this brave doctor showed.

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