Fauci Is Worse Than Mengele

I have seen many excuses from Fauci adherents for this video.

Dr. Fauci is worse than Mengele.

Some say, “How do you know he’s directly responsible for what happens to these beagles?”
Because the video also shows Fauci and it shows what happens to the dogs. Because we have proof of the funding. Because this is a FACT.

Some say, “so you just expect him to do these kind of experiments on humans?”
NO. WE EXPECT HIM NOT TO TORTURE LIVING CREATURES AT ALL. HE’S A F*^%ING DOCTOR! Those poor little beagles didn’t expect to be tortured either. Looking up with sweet innocent eyes at the human about to torture them, even licking the hands with a small wag of the tail in some cases. There is no knowledge worth this, and WORSE, the test didn’t even benefit humans. Any medical board that allows him to continue to be licensed as a physician MUST be disbanded as well for dereliction of duty to protect the public.

And it IS dereliction of duty to protect the public because people that are capable of doing this to a sweet, innocent beagle are DANGEROUS to ALL of us. Creatures that are capable of THIS level of EVIL to an animal just to see what will happen are capable of anything. Letting these people run free and unprosecuted in the world endangers every living being that crosses their path.

Some say, “Oh, so animals are more important to you than humans?” or “Are you eating a hamburger while you register your disgust?”
Firstly, no, I’m vegan. Secondly, he DID do experiments on children as well. Or were you not aware of his misguided medical experimentation on foster children who had no advocates? https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4669470

Also, most people I know that eat meat don’t want it brutally tortured for 196 days first. We’ll get to factory farming some other time. I have strong feelings about that too. But meanwhile, THIS is the DEMON who’s currently making health decisions for America’s children, Are you really comfortable putting your sons and daughters under the care of a person who can do that to puppies just to “see what happens?”

The Nazis have finally been exposed.

Dr. Fauci tortures dogs

This isn’t how we do medicine Fauci. You’re worse than Mengele. Here’s his number if you’d like to give him a call: 301-496-2263. Remember, YOUR tax money pays his salary.

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